‘I’d Love To Meet You’, Bill Clinton Lauds Nigerian Boy Who Won Chess Championship

Former U.S, president, Bill Clinton has invited the Nigerian boy that won a chess tournament in New York to his office for personal introduction.

After the New York Times reported the eight-year old Nigerian, Tanitoluwa Adewunmi, had won seven chess trophies including the state tournament, where he outwitted other children, the story went viral, and seem to have gotten the attention of the former president too.

He now joins the queue of people celebrating the boy and his feats. In a post on Twitter, Clinton said Tanitoluwa “exemplify a winning spirit – in chess and in life.”

He tweeted: “Refugees enrich our nation and talent is universal, even if opportunity is not.” This story made me smile. Tanitoluwa, you exemplify a winning spirit – in chess and in life. And kudos to your hardworking parents. You all should stop by my office in Harlem; I’d love to meet you.”

Tanitoluwa and his family stay in a homeless shelter in Manhattan after reportedly fleeing the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria and sought asylum in the United States.

Adewunmi began attending the local elementary school, P.S. 116, which has a part-time chess teacher who taught his class how to play.

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