You need to protect your health during the Coronavirus pandemic by remaining optimistic. This is how you can do that.

  1. Limit your intake of the news that cause fear, especially all the conspiracy theories that make you feel you can’t escape the virus. Stay optimistic by not feeding your fear.

  2. Extend help to other people and also receive help: Extension of help and receiving help is a sure way of connecting to people during the spread of the pandemic. When you extend help and receive help, your faith in community is strengthened and that makes you stay optimistic.

  3. See a funny video or a movie. Watch something that will make you laugh and forget your troubles. You cannot actually kill yourself.

  4. Keep in touch with your loved ones. Video calls, calls, chats, messages go ahead, pick a medium to connect when you need a smile.

  5. Try out new things – it could be a new recipe, it could be styling and designing clothes, it could be writing the book you have always postponed.

Basically, start seeing the positive sides to all situations. You can’t bow your head in negativity forever.

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