Peer criticism might hit differently and affect your self-esteem and performance than criticisms from other sources. Although there are constructive criticisms, there are also negative criticisms which pull down rather than encourage. However given, peer criticisms can be difficult to handle and emotionally bruising, this is how you can handle it.

  1. Communication: Communication has been an effective tool in making people understand your feelings and to prevent unnecessary grudges. Communicating with your peers after an unfair criticism will help to clear the misunderstanding and build a stronger friendship.

  2. Focus on the constructive criticisms. Separate the constructive criticism from the destructive ones by examining the probable intentions behind the criticism. This will help you to understand your peer better and also make you focus on certain areas where positive change is needed.

  3. Try a different perspective. The truth is as humans, we love praises more than corrections. Yet, corrections and criticisms make us better persons. When you approach criticisms from this perspective, it will help you appreciate your peers for constructive criticisms rather than pushing them away.

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