What do you do when beauty shops are closed and locked and you really need to do your manicure? That should not be a problem as this article teaches you how to do your manicure like an expert:

  1. Clean your nails: This is the first step and that is why you need to clean your nails so that they can be prepared for the manicure. A nail polish remover would be very efficient for the cleaning of your nails except if you are removing old gel polish in which the acetone solution can then be used to clean your nails.

  2. Remove cuticles: Cuticle is the layer of your skin located around the bottom of your nail. Most of the time, the cuticle grows out and if it is not removed appropriately, the cuticle might get infected. This, in removing the cuticle, please use a nail cutter to do that and also ensure that you do it gently.

  3. Clip, File and Bluff: This is also a form of preparing your nails so that the nails can be in your desired shape after applying the nail polish.

  4. Wash and Dry your hands: This will further help to clean your nails from oils and chemicals and also, this will help you to observe if your nails were well-fined and well-trimmed.

  5. Moisturize your hands and apply the nail polish remover on your nails again to remove any oil that might settle there.

  6. Apply base coat and leave to air for two minutes. This will protect your nails from discoloration and prepare your nails for the next step.

  7. Apply the first coat of your nail polish: This shouldn’t be heavy on your first application and it is important to air-dry for two minutes.

  8. Apply the second coat of your nail polish: Apply thinly too and air-dry for two minutes

  9. Apply top coat: This is the finishing touch to your manicure, let the application cover your whole nail and air-dry for two minutes.

  10. Tidy up and let it dry: Amend your mistakes and leave to dry.

That’s the end of the process.

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