Governor of Akwa Ibom State Reveals That He Has Spent N3billion To Fight Corornavirus

The Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Udom Emmanuel, has made a shocking revelation of the amount of money he has spent so far in the fight against Coronavirus. The Governor said that the state has spent N3billion in ensuring that citizens who have been diagnosed of Coronavirus have access to the best health care in the state.

The Governor said this on Saturday, July 25 while he was addressing his people in a citizens’ feedback programme. He also added that the state has acquired three containers filled with medical equipment and supplies so far. He said that the Akwa Ibom State Government has been doing well to feed both suspected and confirmed cases of Coronavirus throughout their stay in the hospital.

In addition, he said all the 43 cottage hospitals in addition with the general hospitals have been equipped with basic Covid-19 training and kits to improve the handling of the suspected cases before the cases are transferred to the isolation centres in the state.

He also confirmed the completion of a PCR laboratory that is awaiting the certification of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). Furthermore he claimed that the Akwa Ibom State Government has procured its second round of palliatives to be given to the needy across the state.

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