Everyone is home, especially the kids because school has not yet resumed. Staying idle at home might be boring but with these few games, you can have a swell time with family:

  1. Monopoly: This is a classic and educational board game. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to play it at first, the game is easy to learn especially if you check out the rules on the instruction manual

  2. Dance games: Make the house more fun (especially if you have little children) by declaring a day as a dance day. You can dance round a set of chairs like they do at parties. It’s really going to be fun.

  3. Football games: If you have a large compound, you can engage in football games within your compound. You can divide your teams the way you think best and have fun as a family.

  4. Hide and Seek. This is a fun game that makes you share intimate and lovely moments with your family. Even within the confines of the house, there are a few inventive places to hide.

  5. Ludo, this classic board game is sure to inject a fresh shot of vitality and cause everyone laugh over the game.

  6. Whot. This is a card game you can play. You either follow the rules or make yours, the only outcome is fun with an enjoyable amount of chaotic sportsmanship.

  7. Snake and ladders. Oldie but goodie right? Making it to the finish line has never been more fraught with dangers. This board game is sure to become a family favorite.

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