Emirates Airline share Toys on board their flights

Emirates have launched a new campaign which involves the introduction of unique ‘Fly with Me Animal’ toys, which were treated to an exclusive first class experience on board an Emirate Airline flight. The toys which include, Lewis the Lion from Africa, Peek U the Panda from China, Enrico the Monkey from Latin America, and Leila the Camel from the Middle East; and the excitement that accompanied the release of the campaign knows no bound. The management of Emirates and Campaign organizers also revealed that four new Fly with Me Animals will be introduced every six months.

These new Fly with Me Animal toys were specifically designed for infants and toddlers while the Fly with Me Lonely Planet activity was specially designed for those aged between six(6) and twelve(12) years old. The new toys are available on board, ahead of the upcoming holiday season. All Emirates’ young flyers have got lots to benefit, as Emirates is out to make their trip a memorable one, given that young travellers are one of the most important customers of the brand. These toys are made available to kids at the kids play area at both First Class and Business Class lounges in Dubai.

This Campaign tagged “Emirates’ Fly with Me Animals” is a replacement of the popular Fly with Me Monsters for both entertaining and educational purposes which was also successful in its own rights.

The animals for this campaign were designed with unique features – The Travel Buddy which comes with a plastic toggle allowing the toy to be hung in the car, on a pram or in the cot; the Carry Buddy, a dual purpose toy and blanket; as well as the Magnetic Sketcher for young ones to express themselves creatively.

The best thing about these toys is that they come with extra features in it for children’s play time. These toys have blankets in them for cuddling babies. So that infants and toddlers when playing with these toys will have something to cuddle their babies while keeping them entertained.

Also, parents can make use of these blankets to cuddle their new born babies. The toys come in different shapes and colors which appeal greatly to children, with eyes, ears, hands and legs. It’s lovely to behold. Its soft nature will endear children to want to play with and it is safe.

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