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A popular video vixen popularly known as Kodak was said to have been electrocuted on April 29, 2020 while she was charging and operating her phone at the same time which later led to her death. However, there are various controversies surrounding her death as Punch Newspapers reported that the deceased was in Clarence Peters’ house when the incident happened. 


A popular Twitter user, @DrOlufunmilayo tweeted about his research done on the rare possibilities of an electrocution leading to death, especially when no case of phone explosion was recorded. On the other hand, popular tech sites such as  stated that fake chargers can cause electrocution and death of the phone user. It was recorded by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute in the United Kingdom that 98% of all fake Apple chargers fail the safety test; and thus, an Apple user is likely to suffer phone electrocution in most cases when he/she is using a fake iPhone charger. 


Whether the story of Kodak’s electrocution and death adds up is limited to the investigating powers of the Nigerian Police which can only be established by a strong, credible evidence of an autopsy report stating the possibility of another cause of death.

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