Damson Idris Warning DM He Got From A Follower Asking Him To Stop Posting

British-Nigerian actor Damson Idris has shared a DM he received from a follower, asking him to stop posting on social media because he keeps getting ghosted by a girl.

The voice message was posted on Twitter and shows a screen record of an Instagram DM, in which the man tried to explain to Damson who has starred in Black Mirror and Netflix’s Outside the Wire why he needs to stop posting on social media for a while.

He captioned it: “I got you bro. I’m gone. Promise.”

In the voice note, the man can be heard saying to Damson: “Look bro we need to talk. Stop posting s*** on social media. Like stop. Every time you post something, women go crazy, bro.

“Like, I’ve been DMing this girl for three weeks straight, every time I think I’m making progress or I’m getting somewhere, you post something and then she ghosts me for four or five days bro.

“Stop. PLEASE.”

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