Confirmed: R2Bees Back out of Concert Because Promoters Paid P-Square More


Tema-based hiplife duo R2Bees have announced they won’t be performing at today’s Malta Guinness sponsored Top of the World Concert at the Independence Square in Accra.

“Hello fans, sorry to announce to you we won’t be performing at tomorrow’s “Top of the world” concert due to misunderstanding with promoters,” a message posted on the group’s Facebook page on Friday afternoon, read: “The promoters, the Artists and most importantly you the fans can help change our music industry, refuse to be misled, support ur own. Thanks.

“We’re happy to be the scapegoats, the blacksheep if our actions help change our pathetic music industry… CHANGE WILL COME.

The group’s decision leaves P Square and Sarkodie as the only acts out of the three publicized, to perform.
Both Sarkodie and R2Bees had registered their disagreement over the disparity of contract fees between them and P Square, largely, foreign acts.

It however appears Sarkodie will perform at the concert, as a compromise of a sort has been reached between his management team, the sponsors and event house, CharterHouse.

The group’s pull out of the concert on the grounds of huge disparity in monies to be paid to them in comparison to their Nigerian counterparts-P-Square sets a strong precedent which is good for the development and recognition of Ghanaian music and talents.

R2Bees and Sarkodie (from Ghana) were billed to perform on the same stage at today’s  Malta Guinness sponsored ‘Top of the World Concert’ alongside P-Sqaure (from Nigeria) . It is alleged that the organizers (Charter House) have agreed to pay P-Sqaure  a whooping $200,000 and the Ghanaian musicians (Sarkodie & R2Bees) a chicken $5,000 each (approximately).

As much as some of us recognize how big the group-P-Square is when it comes to African music, Sarkodie and R2Bees are not also walkovers. These young talented Ghanaians have worked hard and deserve if not equal respect, at least a proportionate remuneration-the disparity should not be this huge.

The group-R2Bees has taken a bold stand on this and deserves to be commended. They have stood up for their rights and have not cheapen their talents, creativity and years of hard work. How much does it even cost to book 2 hours of studio time?

Both Charter House and Malta Guinness are not charity organizations, their main aim as corporate bodies is to maximize profit.  In doing so, they have no right to disrespect the hard work of these young Ghanaians and deny them their rights to make profit too.

How can anyone justify paying P-Sqaure $200,000 and R2Bees or Sarkodie-$5,000. The disparity is not only huge, it also signifies ‘intentional disrespect’ to their talents.


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