Cardi B Congratulates ‘Underrated’ Grammy Nominated Artists Amidst Grammy Drama

As controversy swirls around the 2021 Grammy Awards, Cardi B took to Twitter to recognize some this year’s lesser-known nominees. The Bronx rapper alluded to the increasing calls for a Grammy boycott as well as the frustration some artists and fans have expressed over perceived snubs; however, she argued that this drama often overshadows the accomplishments of “underrated” artists who have worked years and years for this moment.

“I do feel that there were some albums and songs that should have been considered for nominations, maybe next year they will get it right,” she wrote. “However, let’s not forget the Grammy’s nominated soo many independent Black artists this year that don’t get the exposure by blogs, magazines, and other award shows.”

Cardi then name-dropped artists like Chika, Royce 5’9”, Freddie Gibbs, Jay Electronica, Kaytranada, Brittany Howard, Free Nationals, D Smoke, Thundercat, and many more.

“It’s frustrating sometimes to work and work on your craft and you feel overlooked because you might not look like others, are not mixxy,” she continued, “so you not always around other artists, you rap or sing about different material, you stay out of drama and the media or yet still not as popular. However you’re talented ass fuck and one day you wake up and you find out you’re nominated and got a notice from one of the biggest award shows purely cause of your TALENT!”


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