Mr President, is Buratai above the Law?

Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai is the current and 26th Chief of Army Staff of Nigeria, appointed to the position by President Muhammadu Buhari on July 13, 2015.

This post is not a resume of bio sheet of Buratai, so let’s get to business! Well, as you must have heard, there were daring revelations as regards the properties worth over 1.5 Billion Dollars which the new Chief of Army Staff acquired for himself just a few weeks into office.

This no doubt calls for an investigation, no one is saying he is not the owner of the money (although it will be interesting to know where a general in the military got such an amount of money to spend on real estate in Dubai); there is nothing wrong to investigate it.

However, rather than carry out an investigation, the military and even the presidency swinged into his defence saying he is capable of purchasing such properties and that he is a ‘big man’.

Chai….is Diezani not a big woman and is Chief Olisa Metu not a big man? So, big man nor dey thief? How can such a conclusion be reached without investigation and if he is really innocent like his defenders claim, why not allow an investigation to prove it?

To be frank, I have been a strong supporter of this adminstration’s fight against corruption but this particular issue puts my doubts to test. Are we truly fighting corruption or we are fighting the last administration? We need to draw a line and know where we are standing.

I believe no one is above the law, even Buhari himself. For this country to move forward, we must all be on the same page. Let us allow the law to test and try everyone irrespective of your relationship with those in power.

I advice and plead with the Presidency to please and please stay away from the law and allow it do its job. Let the law be the only voice that dictates whether a person is Innocent or Guilty, not a group of his/her friends.

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