Brunch With Star Radler: A Foodie’s Guide To Food & Drink Pairings

Destination was Cilantro, Lagos. The beer mugs were full of rocks soaked in foamy heads as the energetic bartender poured the refreshing Star Radler beer. Celebrities arriving on the red carpet moved their chitty-chatty friends to the seats and the bar area for some light refreshments. It could have been a Cuban holiday with the assortment of finger foods that made salivating a mere cliché but it wasn’t. It was a small gathering of friends, celebrities and influencers at the Star Radler Brunch Party.

Guests who turned up for the bunch were treated to a special menu that includes staples like the cheese sandwiches as well as grilled chicken wings draped in tomato sauce. To bring that Cuban touch to your Tropical-themed party, here are five food and drink pairings hacks that will turn your guests on.

? Zesty and Spicy:  Stewed meatballs dressed in spring onions will work your palate like a pole dancer. Next, keep that zesty citrus Star Radler close by to cool the temperature heightened by the hot climate.
? Burgers: Whether it’s cheesy and pulling with a tropical twist or laced with sesame seeds, pair up your burgers with extra brewed citrus and red-fruit flavoured Star Radler so that a zillion flavours can hit you at once.

Cocktails & Flavoured Star Radler: Teeny-tiny umbrellas always offer a visual appetiser for your favourite drink and so does your chicken wings when paired with this recipe: You can mix your favourite chapman with some splash of your choice Star Radler and give your own bartender a run for his money.

? Dip into the Italian Cuisine: From pizza to pasta, chefs make this a delicacy by grilling the bell peppers and dipping the chicken in tomato sauce before throwing the dough in the hot brick oven. You can do the seafood pasta, the margarita pizza, and experiment with other seafood but never forget to pair that with the red-fruit flavoured Star

Keep it under Wraps! : You get this every time a friend, relative or colleague is planning a surprise but you keep taking a cue from that by selecting all your favourite pastries in wraps and match it with some refreshing citrus-flavoured Star Radler.



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