Beyonce Teams With Channing Tatum for Epic ‘Lip Sync Battle’

Channing Tatum’s performance on Lip Sync Battle on January 7 was next-level! He came out dressed like Beyonce, and believe us when we say he committed to the look. But even better was when Beyonce herself made a surprise appearance! Check it out right here, and prepare to laugh your booty off.

The hunky actor rolled onto the stage atop a giant stone Pegasus, wearing only a bra, skirt and metallic armor. Not to mention the glorious blonde weave he was rocking! We were blown away by his amazing dance moves (we expected nothing less from Magic Mike himself), but the real major moment was when Beyonce appeared on the stage! Even Channing looked surprised, which he later admitted was because he didn’t expect her to actually show up. But no one was more shocked than his wife Jenna, who legit collapsed on the floor in a pile of confusion and amazement!



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