BBNAIJA SEASON 6; Peace’s First Dairy Session

BBNAIJA SEASON 6; Peace’s First Dairy Session

How do you feel in Big Brother’s House?


She feels nervous
But she feels great and really cool

Why do you feel nervous?

Because its a competition and a game, so the nerve is normal

What do you think about your House mates?
They feel nice, she likes all of them

Who do you feel you can bond with?
She is getting to know all of them as its a task. So she is having conversation with all of them

Sammy, Maria, Yousef, Nini Jaypaul, Jackie, Cross, Tega

Which of them do you see your self forming strategic alliance with?

She doesn’t see her self forming alliance with anyone.

What was your experience and biggest lesson you learnt in the isolation.

She is a reader, but she realised she reads a lot , It exercise her imagination.
She got to know she could draw
She got to know her self.
She got business idea
And she loved her company.

Would you like to discuss anything with Big Brother?

She thanked Big bro for the opportunities

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