BBNAIJA SEASON 6: Peace’s Diary Room Session

BBNAIJA SEASON 6: Peace’s Diary Room Session

How are you feeling today?

I am doing fine, I feel tensed and stressed, we don’t have enough food.

Information about the housemates you have learnt?

I know Yousef as a teacher, he teaches JS3 student.

Does it alter your perception of Yousef?


You are this Season’s first HOH
Do you anticipate your victory?

I believe its a game of chance but in my heart I was convinced I would win.

What did the victory means to you?

It’s reinforce that I should always be positive about everything, and hold it for my dear life

Your choice of deputy?

I was trying to play it safe, he is my safe bet, because he will respect my space, my decision, and everything.

Do you think the house will pass the challenge of identifying the Wild card?

I have been thinking of alot of hintd, I have my suspect, I’m not sure how we will be picking them.

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