BBNAIJA LEVEL UP: KESS – “Bella and Sheggz Are Not Showing Themselves In The Game”

The 5th evicted housemate from the Big Brother Naija Level Up Show, Kess, shared why Bella and Sheggz are his least favorite housemates, his loss after his eviction, and what he would have done differently in the game.

He was formally called Sir Kess while others call him senior bra. So he explained how he came about the name by telling us that his former Instagram handle before the show was Sir Kess but along the line it was disabled and people don’t call him by his name because he was old. So people don’t call him Kess, they just call him Baba Kess or Sir Kess.

OSG: Coming to the house, you referred to yourself as a married man, and your fellow housemates know about it. So how did that make you feel in the house trying to know your housemates?

Kess: I came into the house married and was hoping to see people of the same age but the first thing that threw me off balance was the fact that they were pretty young and me being myself because I’m a very serious guy and some of them were like trying to complain about that and I’m trying to be a big brother whatever and trying to make them feel like they are not serious. But as time goes on, I wasn’t asking their age anymore.

OSG: Being married, how did you convince your wife that you’re coming to the show?

Kess: If you know you will support my dream and for me, this has always been my dream. So whether she agreed or not, I would have come.

OSG: How are you holding up getting to know what happened to your family?

Kess: When I got evicted, I noticed that they were preventing people from reaching out or me reaching people, so I taught it was normal until the next day and they told me what happened, it was really sad combined with the eviction stuff. But I’m holding on well, I’m a strong guy, I have been through dark days in my life and my wife is doing fine. We are good.

OSG: You told Big Brother during your diary session that you were intentionally going to downplay your effort in the Arena games. So is this just to avoid being on the radar from the level one housemates or do you think they were just playing you games in the house?

Kess: My strategy coming into the house was to just show myself, I didn’t know what happened in the game but for me, I always felt like my personality was enough. So my strategy was just to let me relax for the first few weeks and observe people and stuff, so that was what I did. So at that point, I needed to put in more effort, it was just not happening.

OSG: We noticed that you and some other level 2 housemates were talking about the whole HOH game. Do you think there was a spiritual thing to it?

Kess: I thought it was just bad. There are times we had 2 against 1 and we lost and sometimes 1 against 2 and we still lost.

OSG: How many eye wears did you take to the show?

Kess: I think 7 or there about.

OSG: So did you plan your outfit with your eye wears or did you just come to show us your fashion side?

Kess: Yeah! It was a show to sell myself and I’m a fashionable guy. So I like looking good.

OSG: Your journey on the Big Brother show, is there anything you will regret so far?

Kess: I don’t regret stuff, if there is a lesson, I just learn from it.

OSG: Senior Bra or Sir Kess, can you tell us your least favorite housemate in the show?

Kess: Bella and Sheggz

OSG: Why? Any reason?

Kess: I don’t know, I just don’t like their energy, no hate but for the game, I think they are not showing themselves too much, it’s just both of them. So if I were to pick, I will go with Chi Chi as well.

OSG: So did you get to mingle with them during the Saturday night parties or HOH games?

Kess: Never, I wasn’t giving with them. I think Sheggz wasn’t allowing Bella to explore or get to enjoy the game or know people.

OSG: Sir Kess, can you tell us what we should expect from you, your brand now that you’re out of the show?

Kess: I’m a businessman before I came into the show, looking forward to expanding my business because I came here to hustle money to expand but either way, I’m still expanding my business. Looking forward to trying out new things because Big Brother was a new experience for me.

OSG: So let’s talk about grabbing, there was a time you and Ilebaye were talking and she tried to kiss you, so how did you feel when that happened?

Kess: When that happened, we were tipsy because it was after the party. I didn’t even think about it until after my eviction and I was the clip and I was like surprised. But subsequently, I have been seeing it and it’s not that deep.

OSG: Tell us more about your favorite moments in the house.

Kess: That has to be winning the task, I won like four of the sponsored task, the Saturday parties, and the vibes.

OSG: I want to talk about when Beauty and Ilebaye had their clash in the house, it was you and Cyph that held Beauty down in the room talking to her. What was going on in your mind as at then in the house and how were you able to calm her down?

Kess: Okay! The first event that got her the first strike, I was sleeping and started hearing the noise, I came out and I saw Beauty, I just did what I had to do by stepping in and settling the fight. I thought I did but it was too late because she had already done what she did.

OSG: So my last question to you. Who do you think will win the Big Brother Naija season 7?

Kess: I want Phyna to win.

OSG: Can you tell us why?

Kess: I think she’s very authentic, she’s open-minded. The unusual Phyna and Ijeoma, you are both sides. I just hope her stats focus and don’t allow the whole Groovy thing to affect her game. I want Phyna to win especially for the fact that she’s from my level makes it more interesting.

OSG: When you were in the house with Hermes and the other housemates, do you have any interaction with Hermes?

Kess: Hermes is a very good guy, I love him. Sometimes I feel whatever he does gets to some people but it doesn’t get to me. I just find it entertaining. Sometimes I feel they do too much because sometimes they throw direct shades at you.

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