Akin and Toyin Olatunji Daniels of Eventecture covers this week’s wedding Issue of Vanguard Allure

Akinola and Oluwatoyin Olatunji Daniels were first friends, then became couples and finally became business partners, they are both Co-Managing Partners at Eventecture which is a one stop design company that specialises in building distinct and amazing stages, set, lighting, special effects for weddings.

While it’s not a common place to see couples who work together, this two beg to be different , this parents of two share synergy in love and work that has helped to put their family business on the front burner as they churn out amazing masterpieces one event at a time.

As we round off talking about Love this month of February, this amazing couple sat down with Vanguard Allure ‘s Jemi Ekunkunbor to talk about how they manage to maintain a successful work-life balance.

Creative Director : Nelly Mesik
Photography : Trans4maz Fotography
Stylist : Rhoda Ebun for RTF Company
Hair: Sari Signature
Makeup : Prada House

Location : Trish O Luxury Interiors.

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