A few days ago, Nollywood actress, Padita Agu talked about how she married her ex-husband. According to her, they got married the first day they met, after many months of talking over the phone.

Agu describes the union that lasted three years as a mistake but she’s thankful she was able to leave even though it cost her some things.

Shortly after her revelation, Agu said she was surprised by the support she received from the public. Ten days after her revelation, Agu said three things happened.

Read her note below:

So, after posting the video of how I married a man first day I saw him, something happened to me. A lot happened actually, but one of them hit me the most.
First was the amazing support and response I got from all of you. It was just too much!!???

Second was the emails and DMs I received from all over the world!!! Among were those encouraging me, those about to make same mistake but withdrew after watching my video, those who made same mistake but got out and those still stuck in their mistake and seeking a way out.

Thirdly and majorly was me realizing that I haven’t healed all these years. I simply locked this experience in some box and buried without facing it, dealing with it and healing from it.

That journey began from when I posted that video. It brought back memories between my family and friends and we had to relive the experience.
For 5 days stretch, I was crying nonstop. I wasn’t shading tears, I was actually weeping as I went back memory lane. I allowed myself cry all I could and admitted over and over again how foolish and naive I was.

In the end (of reliving the experience), I thanked God I made it out alive. The story could have been different. I may not be here in whole (lost some body part or got terminal illness) or be here at all to tell the story. But I’m here!! Whole and healthy.

So, I go on shining light where I see darkness. Not long from now, I will tell you more about this journey and I can’t wait to dance again and make you smile and laugh. Thank you for encouraging and supporting me.


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