Tips For Surviving The Third Mainland Bridge Closure As A Lagosian

The closure of the third mainland bridge will surely affect the free flow of traffic, either mildly or severely in certain cases. And to think that it is going to be for six months, one needs to tie his/her shoe laces really tight as the journey isn’t going to be rosy at all times. However, you can survive the closure of the third mainland bridge with the following tips:

  1. Let Google maps direct you; sometimes, they can be right. If you are starting out your journey to your work place, to a meeting or a visit to a friend, ask your Google Map which works rightly on every kind of phone.

  2. Leave home/work early: No matter how traffic is for the early risers and early leavers, it is sure going to be worse for those who leave home late or close from work late.

  3. Consider the water transportation system in Lagos state: The sea space is definitely wider than the road network in Lagos state; and there won’t be congestion of efforts.

  4. Keep valuables at home: Sometimes, the alternative routes might be susceptible to robbery attacks, it is therefore imperative that valuables should be kept at home so as to avoid stories that touch.

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