Nigerian Multitalented Entrepreneur, Annjay Launches Body Shaper

Annjay Chioma, Nigerian multitalented entrepreneur has added the body shaper fashion product to her fashion line which already consists of Annjay Hair, Annjay Lashes, Annjay Cosmetics and Cura Sunglasses.

Speaking on the inspiration behind this new product, Annjay said, “Everywhere I go, I hear a lot of people say ‘Annjay you look beautiful. I like your shape, you look so straight without any stomach fat. I want to be like you, what can I use?’ These are the questions every woman I come in contact with ask me. And as a model you all know and I must do everything possible to stay in shape, right? So, the idea to help others was born.”

According to Guardian, Annjay has this to say about the product: “It’s very affordable. It’s what any body from any background can buy. We have a lot of women in our society today with potbelly and this is really disturbing. Some would say my husband said I no fine again, I’m no longer attractive. The good news is that Annjaysexy Shapers is here to help any beautiful woman out there with a potbelly to get back to shapes. We want to restore women’s confidence back. Our products are not made in Nigeria.”

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