UNILAG Gets Robots for Temperature Checks in Response to Covid-19

The University of Lagos has gotten a donation of three robots from a global investment firm, Platform Capital in order to facilitate learning, teaching and safety in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. The robots which have been installed at the institution’s library, would not only be checking temperature or blood pressure but also help in collecting data. This was emphasized by Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, the institution’s Vice-Chancellor.

He said, “”We have been talking about improving our delivery lines. These robots are certainly going to add value in that regard, in the sense that artificial intelligence would now be brought to bear.

“They are going to load it with the books we have in the library, also it will take the temperature of the people coming into the library.

”It will also give us the data of people coming to the library everyday, look at the peak time that they come in, and the peak hour, they leave.

”It is going to serve in so many ways. We have one that will be positioned at the Senate Building that will equally take temperature.

”If you want to check your blood pressure, it will assist you to do that. If you are looking for any body at that same Senate building, once you mention the name of such a person, it will tell you the number of the room where the person is.

”Another one will be deployed to our Unilag Business School. What we are looking at, is to make sure that we improve on our delivery lines.

“For instance, if one’s temperature is too high, it will raise an alarm concerning that, and with that development, the security personnel know that such a person needs to be attended to.

”It will reduce contact level with our security personnel and others around. We have other technologies to be put in place at this period.

”These upcoming technologies will check one’s blood pressure too as well as oxygen level.”

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