Ada Osakwe Becomes First African to Give Commencement Speech at Kellogg School

A North-western University, Kellogg School has given Ada Osakwe the honour to be the first African and the 4th black woman to give a virtual commencement speech at the school. During the speech, she boasted of how proud she is to be an African and she also said that she will never stop speaking against racial injustice and inequality.

She also urged the women among the graduates to ensure that their “brilliance and awesomeness shine through them as they keep amplifying their voices.” She spoke of her experience as a woman and said that she has “suffered all forms of biases and discriminatory practices in the workplace and society.” She also mentioned that she didn’t allow these discriminatory practices to stop her from forging her own path to greatness.

Ada Osakwe is a food investor and founder of Nuli Lounge, a delivery food business. You can listen to the full convocation speech through this link

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