Throwback: You Will Find This Exam Anxiety Story Interesting

“I once entered an exam hall with clothes I wore inside-out. I had slept off while waiting for a safe time to leave my room for the exam hall. Thank God I was able to wake up just few minutes before the exam. My hurry game started, if I go late to the exam hall, I will not be allowed to sit for exams. Thank God I was able to get to the exam hall at the exact time, even though everyone was already seated as they waited for the exam papers.

So much fear and terror was all over me as I shook with the fear of the probability of not being allowed to write my exams. While I however shook with fear, I was a great ease of tension to my classmates. As soon as they saw me, they all started laughing. Soon enough, the invigilators joined in the laughter and I soon found out why. My clothes, I wore them in the wrong way. I must say I laughed at myself too, so much fear and anxiety didn’t let me pay attention to my dress.

I sat down for my exams and it was a good one. Some of my classmates walked up to me after the exams to say that I did well in easing the tension in the exam hall, which helped them to write their exams better. I must confess that I felt the same way too.”

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