How to Plan a Marriage Proposal amid Covid-19

Love, whether there is a pandemic or not, is a beautiful thing. Proposing marriage to your long time fiancé or girlfriend must uniquely be done and must be a memorable one of course. However, before thinking of proposing to your partner, ensure that you are ready to settle down and also be well prepared for the task ahead since marriage is considered a lifetime journey.

Here are some tips for planning a marriage proposal, especially amid Covid-19:

1.Go virtual using Zoom or related apps. You might also want to ask her family members or friends to join the call as you pop question. Be careful to also choose the words of affection you would say before you propose virtually.

  1. If you do not want to go virtual, you can meet at an agreed venue, which would be appropriate in a pandemic situation as far as social distancing is concerned. You can even set up a treasure hunt which features romantic love letters hidden throughout the place, until she finds the surprise proposal of a beautiful engagement ring. Isn’t that romantic?

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