What you need to know about the Black Out Tuesday hashtag

A blank black image has gone viral today, 2nd June 2020, following the fight for justice going on in the world, on the murder of a Black Man, George Floyd by policeman Derek Chauvin, in the US, the death of Vera Omozuwa, who was raped and murdered in a church and the death of 16-year-old Tina Ezekwe was shot and killed by a policeman at a bus stop near her home.

They have taken to social media with the #blackouttuesday hashtag, accompanied with a black Image demanding for justice. The #blackouttuesday hashtag is used in replacement of the Black Lives Matter, Justice for Tina, and Justice for Uwa hashtags in other to avoid blocking the information needed to keep people tapped in and aware.

Spread awareness and have people change their caption.

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