While having no health benefits, skin bleaching is a procedure of using special soaps and creams for the purpose of lightening the skin and removing dark spots and acne marks. However, the ingredients of these skin bleaching products are more likely to be toxic as they contain chemicals banned under safety regulations.

These chemicals include mercury and hydroquinone – which with prolonged use are linked to poisoning, skin damage and liver and kidney malfunction – and corticosteroids, which in some countries are prescription-only products. Misuse of corticosteroid creams is associated with thinning of the skin, an increased chance of skin cancer and oddly enough goes ahead in darkening of the skin.

Also, these bleaching products might take a bad turn on your skin as your skin can react badly to the products. Bleaching products can also cause an impaired healing to an injury, according to various research studies. Thus, the user of the bleaching products ends up treating the same injury many times, with no sign of recovery. In such instances, the bleaching products do more harm than good.

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