Sometimes, we lose focus and allow ourselves to be distracted by certain things happening around us which makes us lose the important things that really matter.

  1. You: Yes, you. You deserve attention. When was the last time you gave yourself the attention you deserve? Some call it me-time while others call it self-care. Whatever the nomenclature that works for you, give yourself that attention you really deserve.

  2. Your health. Pay attention to the slightest fluctuations in your body system. Know when things are getting out of hand, this vigilance may save your life. Know when to see your doctor immediately, know the signs your body tells you when you need to rest. This is very important.

  3. Family: Remember to keep the bond between you and your family also. Have a family time with your family. Play games, laugh at their jokes and talk about your feelings.

  4. Your goals: You need to take your eyes off from the distractions that give you instant gratification and actually focus on your goals. Work towards the actualization of your goals.

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