The United Nations has warned several countries not to focus on the care of the physical health only as it claims that a global mental health crisis looms due to the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. Thus, the United Nations has drawn the attention of several heads of government to take note of the psychological suffering the people are vulnerable to, and take quick actions that can prevent a mental health crisis in the country.

The causes of the mental health crisis have been highlighted to emanate from the fear of losing a loved one to the cold grips of the virus and subsequently to death. Also, the people might also be anxious about the financial strains caused by the pandemic which might result to other type of diseases like hypertension and the likes. Women who live with abusive partners will also have exacerbated mental issues as the lockdown measures might force her to continue living with someone who could bring her much more mental terror. These situations might further lead to a tremendous mental stress which if not addressed can lead to a mental crisis.

Thus, the United Nations has advised countries to take cognizance of the poor mental state the people might be exposed to and make steps in curbing this predictable mental crisis.

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