Will the ban on public gatherings affect our Nollywood stars and movies?

It is no longer news that all sectors will be affected adversely by the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. This has not left the film-making industry out of it; as they may not be able to shoot movies for a long time.

Adam Epstein, an Entertainment reporter, published his opinions in his Article – “Coronavirus is pushing an already vulnerable film industry closer to the edge”. He said that the spread of the pandemic caused a lot of Hollywood studios to postpone the releases of movies; which has therefore delayed movie productions.

Nollywood might suffer the same fate as it takes a large number of people to work on a particular movie in an enclosed location. While other industries are bouncing back after the pandemic, it might take a while for Nollywood to bounce back as there might still be restrictions on large crowds in the public.

While some other industries may permit their workers to work from home, Nollywood artistes and movie producers cannot work from home since they have to be physically present to shoot the movie.

Some days ago, Actor Segun Arinze lamented via an interview with Premium Times on the impact of the lockdown on actors and the movie industry:

He said, “I had so many projects I was working on. It’s just like any other business, we always have something going on that must have been affected by this lockdown in one way or the other.

“I had a lot of things I’ve kept on hold because we just have to follow instructions and we hope this will end soon so that we can go back to our daily routine. I can’t say this has not affected our income as actors but it’s not every part of filmmaking that we do outdoors. Just like you’re doing your own work now, we have things we do from home like6 scriptwriting, we have meetings and conferences online”.

However, we look forward to every industry and sector after the pandemic as we cannot wait to see everyone rise together.

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