The Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria started in Lagos and Ogun States and moved to the rest of the states in Nigeria, except for Cross-River and Kogi states. The pandemic was met with strong measures by the Government as the Federal Government announced a total lockdown in Abuja, Lagos and Ogun States. Other neighbouring states who saw the need for a lockdown also put strict measures in place in order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.


However, one cannot say if these lockdown measures and social distancing practices advised by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control was taken seriously in Kano State. There are various reports across social media platforms on the people’s reluctance to adhere to the practices and measures provided by the government. What is more shocking was the plea of the Governor days back to the Federal Government to ease the lockdown measures for the purpose of Ramadan?


As a country, it is very important to note that Kano cannot be left alone or  deserted in the fight against Coronavirus. There is a need for the Federal Government to take stricter measures in dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic in Kano. It is also important for citizens of Kano State to be enlightened on the safe practices to be adhered to in the case of this pandemic such that everyone is adequately protected from the virus. The Government must also contain and manage the Almajiris on the streets, so as to prevent the spread of the virus. Kano cannot be left alone in this fight; there is a need for Federal Government to take stricter measures. This is because if the virus keeps spreading in Kano, it can spread to other states and the nation might then have to deal with the virus for a long time.

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