Christmas is almost here and as usual, people are being warned to be cautious of their environment. But beyond that, a digital marketer identified as Joyce Omatah wants people to beware of the people they allow into their home, especially when they are people that have been seen for a very long time.

Taking to Twitter to share the story of a woman whose son was kidnapped by her own brother who suddenly visited her after 10 years of disappearance.

Read her story below:

Be careful of who you take in and go out with in the cause of Christmas Celebration, the paddy you knew in secondary school isn’t the same anymore! Even what you eat too, that relative that disappeared for years and shows up suddenly should be watched closely too.

My neighbour shared a story about where she lived before about her neighbor who just got married and had a baby of about 4months. All these while she told them that her younger brother is probably dead or missing but they haven’t heard from him for over 10years after he left home

So they just assumed he was gone! But one evening they were all in the compound and a guy showed up asking for her and they pointed her door to him and when she came out she screamed and ran inside in shock, with the thought that this is her supposed dead brother..

Only for him to laugh it off saying “Aunty na me! I go hustle na, she had a mixed feeling of happiness and doubt about how someone she hadn’t seen over 10years knew her house and came without calling her,but she just buffed it off. On the 3rd day of his sudden visit..

He requested for 50k and his sister laughed and said ,she wish they had up to that they would have gotten things for their baby and atleast given him tfare back but that they are low on cash and the husband’s work isn’t smooth for now and he said okay no wahala..

On the 4th day towards evening, he carried his sister baby and asked if he can take a work to the gate with her 4month old son while she was in the kitchen and she said “sure why not” and he stepped out. One of the neighbors who saw him asked him where he was going..

Since he was new in the area and he said he’s just going to buy something and come back . Fast forward to 7pm he was no where to be found ,phones switched off the last they saw was walking out of the street. 10pm it hit them that their 4month old son is gone ! Guess what?

Half day became week’s ,weeks became month’s and boom they received a call from him after few months and in his words “you still de find that pikin? Just forget am ,commot your mind there, find way born another one”. Well 2 year’s after he called again and said”

Sista why you still de put your mind for where that boy de! I don’t tell you say I don’t use the boy settle myself as you no fit give me the 50k”.

Hmmm it’s 4 years now and she’s now mentally unstable and can’t stand the cry of a child and haven’t been able to have another.

Be careful out there, someone will ask me your pikin na gold? Yes na my life in fact I will monitor you like a fly that perceived shit, cause these days some blood they have started adding water it’s no longer thicker than water.

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