Serena Williams Defeats Maria Sharapova At U.S Open

Tennis star; Serena Williams, has once again claimed her title as one of the world’s best as she defeats Maria Sharapova at the US Open tournament.

Addressing the crowd after the match in an interview with ESPN, she said; “Thank you for supporting me, “I’ve said it once, but I’ve had a lot of tough matches here and a lot of tough losses, but coming out tonight makes it all worthwhile.”

Serena won 6-1, 6-1 in less than an hour, improving her chances against Sharapova. Speaking on the defeat, Maria said;

“This is a very different chapter in my career, “It’s not an easy road. It’s never been. But I went through a shoulder procedure about four months ago.
To find myself playing at a night match at the US Open with people excited about the matchup, it’s a pretty big deal. I’m fortunate to be a part of that.
“It’s easy to be discouraged after a match like this. But if I’m personally discouraged, I wake up tomorrow, I don’t feel like I want to go out, train, be better, that’s more discouraging than the result.”
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