#MondayMotivation: Coping With Tight Deadlines

Deadlines are impossible to avoid, most especially when your work affects a larger part of the company’s smooth running. If you can’t avoid them, then the only option would be to search out a way to deal with them. Sometimes when the pressure sets in, it leaves you with no other option than to just step back or easily freak out.

The step towards conquering your deadline is to work with the end in mind. Have a clear reason why the deadline is important and what it would in the long run. With the end mind, every step becomes meaningful and somewhat takes you closer to meeting the goal. In simpler terms, start with the ‘WHY’.

The next thing to consider is to focus on each step that would help in meeting up with the deadline. If possible, break them down into smaller achievable bits. By the time this is done, each little milestone helps you meet up with the deadline.

While breaking down each step for easy comprehension, be sure that you make them plain, which means, anybody who attempts to carry out those steps, would do effortlessly. Making the steps plain would also reduce the complication that could lead to not meeting up with the deadline.

At every step of the way, ensure that you own your task, your vision and most importantly your deadlines. Deadlines are created to fast track process, as well as make every individual accountable for their tasks and responsibilities.

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