Signs That You May Be Experiencing Depression

Across the world, the rate of suicide has been on increase. Most times, the root cause of suicide is depression. One amazing fact about depression is that people who experience it, are most times not aware. Depression is a psychological problem, that totally affects the mental state of an individual. There are many signs of depression, here are the most noticeable ones;


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1. Withdrawal: The first and most times a noticeable sign of depression is withdrawal from normal activities. An individual undergoing depression is most likely to withdraw all activities and other things that could generate happiness or laughter. Withdrawal stems from the lack of interest in activities that are meaningful or part of the daily routine. If you are uninterested in activities, that initially sparked your interest, you might be experiencing depression.

2. Persistent Low Mood: Depression always fights against all things that could bring about happiness. Persistent low mood is a sign that depression has set in. Always putting up a gloomy countenance or constantly having mood swings is a sign that might is not well mentally. Excess thinking usually causes a persistence in low/down moods. Low moods could also include frustration, anger and irritability

3. Excessive Felling of Guilt: Guilt accompanies depression most often times than not. Being depressed, you always feel the unworthy and guilty for a lot of situations that aren’t even your fault in the first place. The feeling of guilt would, in turn, create a worthless outlook on life.

4. Restlessness: Due to the fact excessive thinking is a sign of depression, this also affects energy level. An individual experiencing depression would also experience restlessness. The lack of sleep would also decrease the energy level and most times, it leads to a lower performance level.

5. Concentration problems: Concentration problems are on an increase when experiencing depression. The inability to remember things, make decisions, or focus, a major red flag of depression. Depression makes you emotionally unstable, as well as mentally unstable.

There are many more signs of depression which include; Weight gain/loss, Headaches, Reckless behaviour, Suicide attempt and Self-harming. There are no general cures to depression, however the moment you notice that you are withdrawing from things that make you happy or constantly trying to avoid them, it would be helpful to speak to someone about it. If you also notice this from a friend, you might want to calmly talk to him/her and assure them that everything will be fine. Most times, just being there might help the process faster.

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