OSG Tweet Chat with TeawahsCupcakes

It was a pleasant Thursday on Twitter as the OSG team had an interesting tweet chat session with the creative and lovely baker, Teawah. Here’s the conversation you might have missed:

Q: Hey guys!!! It’s time for the #OSGtweetchat.   Hi @teawahscupcakes ?

Teawah: Hi, good afternoon

Q: Great! Glad to have you here.
How are you doing today?

Teawah: Doing great! The weather is pretty cool too

Q: Yes yes, rainy day.
So let’s get right to it shall we?

Teawah: Yes we can ? #OSGTweetchat

Q: Great!  Can you tell us a bit about yourself.

Teawah: My name is Tiwalope Agbaje, an indigene from Oyo state, a graduate of computer science and information technology. The Creative Director and Brand owner of Teawah’s Cupcakes… Recently married and living in Lagos ?

Q: Computer scientist by training, baker by profession.  What sparked your interest for cakes?

Teawah: Well right from time I’ve always loved the art of confectioneries, the idea of mixing a couple of ingredients to create something beautiful and yummy (that makes people happy) was what inspired the brand ? #OSGTweetchat

Q: Lovely! You have a sweet tooth then. . How long have you been doing this?

Teawah:Lmao exactly! ?…been doing this professionally for almost 2 years now

Q: 2 years and your cakes are already this amazing.
What were your challenges in starting your Business? Running an SME isn’t easy in Nigeria.

Tewah:Yea truth be told it’s not easy, the major challenge I had was Brand awareness, then coupled with getting enough capital, having trusted partners (delivery services) and so on

Oh I missed the compliment…Thank you ??

Q: Yh true true, how would you say the experience has been for you so far? In three words

Teawah: Fun, Overwhelming and Amazing!

Q: Great! . What inspires your cake designs? Please share some pictures.

Teawah: A lot of things actually inspire the designs, majorly the client’s wish. Here at Teawah’s cupcakes we believe Cake/Cupcake designs are basically only limited by your imagination. We want your cakes to look as good as they taste

Q: They look so yummy  . How many cakes can you bake in a day?

Teawah: Awww thank you! ?…Let’s say about 7/8 full cakes and as many cupcakes as possible ? #OSGTweetchat

Q: What’s your advice to anyone who is looking to start an SME?

Teawah: Passion isn’t enough, be ready to do the WORK and be patient because nothing good comes easy.

Q: Wise words!
On a final note, can you mention a few people you look up to?

Teawah: Quite alot but these are my top 3 @sprinkles , Chloe’s Cupcake heaven (abuja) and @dupesbakery ? #OSGTweetchat

Q: Great great.
What is your best hobby?

Teawah: I listen to music alot, reading, and movies #OSGTweetchat

Q: What’s your favorite movie?

Teawah: Lol do people really have favorite movies? ?…well I can’t actually pick a favorite but I do alot of RomComs as well series

Q: Lol great great. Kindly share details of your Business, social media handles, contacts or anything.

Teawah: Teawah’s Cupcakes is a Cupcake Brand but not limited to, we also make delectable desserts and cakes. We have a wide range of bursting cake flavors. We are located in Lagos but deliver down to Mowe axis.
IG – Teawahs.Cupcakes
Email – [email protected]

Q: Great great! . Thank you so much for doing this.

Teawah: It’s been a pleasure, lovely being here ?


Watch out for more exciting conversation with other amazing personalities..

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