OSG Live Series with Adetoke Oluwo. 

How to sustain a successful business on social media.

Adetoke Oluwo is no doubt a force to reckon with, when it comes to handling a successful business on social media, building a clothing brand SGTC, an Afrocentric brand made in Nigeria from the scratch to one of the biggest fashion brand in Nigeria.

Adetoke Oluwo is a TV and Film Producer, Met Film School UK Alumni(Screen Writing), International Fashion Reporter and the Creative Director of The SGTC BRAND,(@stylegoestochurch,@sgtcclothing,@sgtclifestyle).

She made an unplanned switch from TV to Fashion Business in October 2016 when a Stockist in the UK saw a Picture of her wearing an Ankara Piece on Instagram and this kicked off her Clothing Business,@sgtcclothing, An Afrocentric Brand that stands out with their unique use of Ankara Fabrics and this has drawn Client from all over the World and Celebrities alike.

Adetoke is also known for always sharing Business Tips to help Entrepreneurs on Social Media in Sales and Strategic Marketing. She is popularly called “The Gram Guru”.

OSG Live Series with Adetoke Oluwo.

She shared tips and ideas on how to sustain a successful business on social media.

Here are some of the highlights from the Live series.

Know your whys and hows. You can’t have a successful business on social media without a plan and strategy.

Learn how to use Social Media tools to enhance your business

You need to be dynamic, be a thinker and be strategic.

Educate your self, learn how to search the internet.

OSG Live Series with Adetoke Oluwo.

How to create a good post.

Your picture quality should be on point, great pictures make a great profile. On Instagram seeing is believing.                                           You have to consider this ;
Does this picture represent my brand?
Can I buy it?
Are they distractions in the photo?
Get a good caption.                                                                                                                                                                                      Instagram is like a market place.                                                                                                                                                                    How to stay relevant on social media.
You need to be equipped with Information, be informed and know what you are all about.
You need to be innovative, think of ways to get people’s attention.
Your business must be informative.

OSG Live Series with Adetoke Oluwo.

Collaboration is Key! collaborate with people that fit your brand’s vision.                                                                                                    Never Judge people based on the number of their followers                                                                                                                          Talk like you know the value you are bringing, keep researching.                                                                                                                    Be inspire but don’t be a copycat.                                                                                                                                                               Follow the right people and be confident.



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