Over 45 Million Accounts Watched Netflix’s Birdbox In Its First Week

Netflix has announced that its Sandra Bullock movie, Bird Box, has been watched by over 45 million Netflix accounts – which is the biggest debut ever for one of its originals.

The streaming service tweeted that over the 45 million accounts had watched the movie but later clarified that the 45 million figure referred to the number of Netflix users that had watched at least 70% of the entire movie, but did not include multiple viewers of the film.

Nelson have now backed up the number. According to Nelsen, almost 26 million U.S viewers watched the movie in its first week after its 21 Dec. release.

The figure is almost 10 times larger than the 2.9 million viewers that watched the first episode of House of Cards season 6 during its first week and also more than Will Smith’s Bright which had a seven-days total of 20 million US. viewers.

And Nelsen’s figure does not account for the entire U.S audience and does not include Netflix’s international viewers too.

Netflix has has over 137 million viewers globally but the company said the number is probably closer to 300 million. This is the second time in a month that Netflix has selectively shared data about its original movies after it claimed the Holiday film, The Christmas Chronicles, had more than 20 million views in its first weeks.

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