OSG Tweet chat with My farm Base

It was an exciting Thursday on Twitter as the OSG team had an interesting tweet chat session with the amazing Techie Farmer, Femi Royale. Heres the conversation you might have missed:


Q: It’s time for the with . Hello “Femi Royal”

Femi: Hi, good afternoon

Q: Nice to have you here. How are you doing today?

Femi: I am doing very well, thank you

Q: Okay! Lets get right to it. . Can you briefly tell us about yourself?

Femi: I am , founder of . My work centres around the use of digital technologies like blockchain, drones, ICTs to facilitate agribusinesses in Nigeria. I studied Agriculture and people call me Techie Farmer. Any other detail can be found on

Q: Lol, great name, “Techie Farmer”. . . How would you describe the state of Agriculture in the country?

Femi: Nigeria’s Agriculture sector was a neglected sector that is gradually gaining its position as a high income generating sector of the country. In the past, oil has blinded the leaders from the bountiful opportunities that exists in the sector but thanks to the recession. The agriculture sector is supposed to foster food security but if we still import food worth more than $5 billion annually, it tells us that we have a problem. This is also closely matched with climate change issues that has multiplied the activities of farmers and herders. So flooding, mad sunshine and all are not enough issues, herders issues have now compounded farmers problems. But you know, for farmers, there’s work to do not just for rural education but broad band penetration and rural electrification. All of these will help them to enjoy inclusiveness because ATM, our drones are used in educated arenas, even our blog of over 3000 viewers are educated.Even internet penetration is massive and that tells you that the future of business, which is already the present reality is digital. The rest of the world especially countries of Global North and few of the Global South have had almost 80-90% adoption but we are catching up.

Q: wow, very interesting facts. Its not easy but its good to see that Agriculture is coming back to life in the country. . How has your experience been so far in regards to merging Agriculture and ICT, despite the slow growth of the technology sector of the country?

Femi: So, we spend time engaging more youths on our drive and run a peering model for them to help the smallholder farmers. This is a way we can ensure we don’t live them behind

Q: Sounds great and innovative! . You recently got nominated for the awards coming up soon, How do you feel about that?

Femi: I feel very excited and privileged. I feel honoured that my work is gaining more visibility and I am glad that it is coming at this point in time.

Q: We are super excited for you!!! . What do you think the future of Agriculture is like for Nigeria?

Femi: The future of Agriculture is automation, even mechanization is not the future. The future is soilless Agriculture where soil degradation due to heavy machines, leaching etc will not be a factor to food insecurity.The future is blockchain based trading and financing of commodities. Technology is growing alarmingly in Nigeria. Have you checked the stats for smart phone Penetration in Nigeria, about 147 million Nigerians, last I checked.

Q: technology in the area of agriculture I mean

Femi: With blockchain like has envisioned it, we will not subject farmers to the bureaucracy of intervention funding by GoN but we will expose them to digital lending at a commercial scale because blockchain simplifies things, aid transparency and it is secured.

Q: So basically the future of Agriculture lies within the Digital sector and finance?

Femi: Digital Agriculture, Sustainable Agriculture and Commercial Agriculture is where everyone must begin to put their eyes into to tap into the opportunities in the sector. Ultimately, for producers, add valu &produce at a greater scale. This is one thing we educate our clients about.

Q: Great great, you’ve really enlightened us. . On a final note, can you briefly mention some names of individuals you look up especially relating to your field?

Femi: I look up to the creator of Agriculture, God. I also look up to and many more people across the world changing the face of Agriculture in ACP Countries.

Q: Great great!! . Thank you so much for taking time out to do this. We appreciate you!

The OSG tweet chat is held every thursday by 1pm on the twitter platform. Make sure to watch out for the next session!!!

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