OSG tweet chat with Antolecky

It was an exciting Thursday on twitter as the OSG team had an interesting tweet chat session with BBnaija reality show star, Antolecky. Heres the conversation you might have missed:

Q: Hey guys! It’s time for the OSG tweet chat with @AntoLecky. Hey Anto!

How are you doing today? How’s your day going?

Anto: I’m not doing so bad!

Q: Thanks for doing this. So let’s get right to it, yeah?

OK so tell us a bit about your lifestyle before you went for the big brother Naija reality show?

Anto: I went to work every day. I was the head of operations for the Continental Basketball League. So the normal office lifestyle. Didn’t do much except for working lol

Q: Lol basic workers lifestyle, great. OK so how has life been since after the house?

Anto: Life has definitely changed lol but not so much honestly. Just a lot more people know me. I am also no longer doing the daily office thing. Now living the entrepreneur lifestyle. Life is a lot more random

Q:Lol but life definitely sounds a lot more exciting for you, that’s great. So tell us how life as entrepreneur has been like?

Anto: It has its highs and its lows. It’s great to create my own schedule but I do miss the daily structure at times. It forces me to always reinvent myself and be ready for anything

Q: Life of an entrepreneur is never easy but it’s definitely rewarding. Can you tell us about the businesses you’re into?

Anto: Well I have a joint partnership with for my own haircare line. Plus I am a business as an individual. My salary no longer comes monthly from an office but from doing various work for people from modeling or hosting or influencing

Q: Sounds great and definitely profiting. You stated that you are a business as an individual. So can you tell us about the “Anto brand “?

Anto: The Anto brand is the multifaceted woman. Trying my hand at many things. Some I had previous experience doing, some I’m trying for the first time. But right now, I’ve been modeling, acting, hosting, influencing, and managing my haircare line.

Q: That’s interesting but you’ll definitely prevail. Do you think social media has helped your brand so far?

Anto: Most definitely! I always say social media is my office. It’s the quickest way to reach both fans and potential business partners.

Q: Great to hear that!! great! So on a final note, what businesses would you like to venture into in the nearest future?

Anto: Personally, I would like to do more hosting and influencing. If someone gave me some free money, I would invest in food business. Because who doesn’t love food.

I also plan to do more humanitarian work. I can be honest and say sometimes I get discouraged because of social media. If it’s a fashion or beauty post, you’ll get plenty comments and likes. But when you promote other things, not so much attention. But I’ll keep at it!

Q: of course. Are you a dodo lover?

Anto: Is this a set up? But yes I love plantain

Q: Thank you very much for making time for this today. We appreciate you.

Anto: Thanks for having me! It was fun!


The OSG tweet chat is held every thursday by 1pm on the twitter platform. Make sure to watch out for the next session!!!

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