Nigerian film actress and producer, known for 30 Days, Akanchawa and Violated, Ego Boyo, has hit the big 50 today.

Nollywood Actress Ego Boyo was one time the screen darling when she featured in the now rested TV series Checkmate, which graced the Nigerian TV screens in the early 90s. The actress who reached her golden jubilee today, took to Instagram to make a request:
“Today I turn 50 and I am so thankful and grateful to God for his goodness over mylife. I know I have been richly blessed and This year, in lieu of gifts, I am asking my friends, family, colleagues, associates, fans to kindly join me in supporting any one of these three charities.
@warif_ng was set up as a response to the high incidence of sexual assault, rape and human trafficking against women and young girls across Nigeria.
The scourge of Sexual assault and Rape is a terrible scourge and @warif_ng is in the battle to raise awareness through advocacy, provide preventive measures, and support for those who have suffered this abuse.”

They need your support to continue to support men and women who are affected!
Happy birthday Ego Boyo!

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