Zee World Weekly Highlights 3rd – 9th September

Iron Lady

Everyday @ 18h00 | Zee World Channel 166

Indira confronts Dulari about her scheming ways but surprisingly, Indira’s family doesn’t support her. Left with no choice, Indira is forced to do what she has never done before. What will become of the Sharma house now?

While business seems to be going well for Dulari, an interesting guest arrives at the house. Although the entire house is influenced, Dulari quickly discovers what this guest’s real intentions are. How will she respond to this?

Indira soon comes to find out what she has in her possession. However, Dulari resorts to an all-time low when she mistreats a family member to try and get her own way; but Indira will not go down without a fight. Has Dulari’s end come?

After the devastating news of her brain tumor, Indira realises it’s time for her family to take care of themselves. How will Indira handle this immense responsibility? Will she even be able to tell her family the truth of her sickness?

Indira comes up with a very clever plan to motivate every member of her family to find work and start taking care of themselves. Indira begins to see changes within her family, but there is one person she may have forgotten about…

In a desperate attempt to make money before she dies, Indira is on the verge of selling her kidney. But what happens at the hospital may work against her. Loan sharks are after Munna again, watch how low he stoops to escape them…

After Munna’s lies, the family is forced to hold a fake mourning session for Indira – will they get away with it? Indira decides to enter a dancing competition but something happens to her which causes Rishi to learn of a truth…

My Golden HomeEveryday @ 19h00 | Zee World Channel 166

Karan has had enough of his father’s taunts and decides to leave the house, but the house he moves into fuels Jagmohan’s fury resulting into a heated argument between the two. Abha sends a letter to her mother but Sheetal’s devices always win with the influence of Shelly. Chandra receives a glorious gift from Sheetal that will later put her on the spot. Uday stands up to Jagmohan and puts him in his place.  Karan has a plan to get Shelly to confess but she is adamant in believing her own truth. Shelly sees a side of Vimal she has never seen before. Abha takes matters into her own hands and that gives Jagmohan leverage on her actions. Jagmohan sees reason when Abha states the facts and shames Kanika but will Kanika and Shelly take kindly to her actions?

Twist of Fate 2

Everyday @ 20h00 | Zee World Channel 166

Abhi notices hi family’s strange behaviour towards him and questions them. Will they give in and reveal the truth to Abhi? Aliya influences Abhi to do business in a rude and unprofessional manner. Pragya realises that this could ruin his reputation but her hands are tied in this situation. Pragya’s family is shocked when she enters the house in Abhi’s arms. After seeing a picture of Abhi and Pragya together, Aliya starts to get suspicious of Abhi. Sarla tries to discourage Pragya from seeing Abhi as she fears for her life but Pragya’s love for him doesn’t allow her. Aliya asks Tanu to entice Abhi to divert his attention from Pragya. Pragya is left shattered when she witnesses Abhi and Tanu together. Abhi finds a picture of himself wearing wedding attire.


Everyday @ 21h00 | Zee World Channel 166

Maya sees Bindiya mixing something into the food and she decides to inform Poonam. Poonam makes Lakhan realise how unjust his been to her. Once again Bindiya and Rekha’s plan fail thanks to Lakhan. What will they do now?

Bindiya turns her attention to Guddi as she influences her mind. Poonam is still in an intoxicated state and now, she comes face to face with Manohar.

Bindiya tries to make Lakhan turn against Poonam once again. Turns out Poonam and Priyom are actually searching for Guddi and Dolt. Lakhan sees Priyom and Poonam together and he begins to believe what Bindiya said. What will happen now?

Priyom and Poonam come home and as a result Manohar asks Mithilesh to go get his rifle. Lakhan over rules Manohar by stating he will be the only one to punish Poonam if she is guilty.

Guddi saves Poonam’s life by taking the blame upon herself. Lakhan gets disappointed in himself after learning he was wrong to doubt Poonam. Grandma learns the truth about why Poonam lied to the family.

Lakhan realises his actions caused a rift between him and Poonam. Guddi makes an oath that she won’t get married until Dolt is dead. Bindiya still has no idea what is happening and she becomes determined to find out.

Guddi gets engaged to Rakesh and the priest fixes their wedding date. Dolt makes his appearance and now, Grandma threatens to shoot him once and for all. A new twist to the story happens as Guddi finds out she’s pregnant.

The Promise

Everyday @ 22h00 | Zee World Channel 166     

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