Accident Survivor Grateful To Actress Toyin Abraham For Rescuing Him And Other Casualties

Actress Toyin Abraham has shown selflessness and care to strangers recently.

An Instagram user identified as Michael Dzineku, has revealed how Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham came to his aid and other passengers who were involved in an accident in the Lekki area of Lagos state.

The young man said that he and other passengers in a bus were stranded and in need of help after the bus they were in crashed at Eleganza in Lekki, Lagos. The occupants of the bus sustained injuries and were in pain. Then Toyin, who was passing by at that time, stopped her car and took them all to the hospital.

Chris wrote:

“I will forever be grateful to this woman @toyin_abraham for her selflessness, love and care. I have heard a lot about how you @toyin_a,braham care and show love to people but what i never knew is the extent to which you @toyin_abraham could go into being caring

On the 7th of this very July 2018, i had an accident at eleganza bus stop on Lekki road and the bus i was in was a complete write off, i and large number of the accident victims were in serious injuries and pains and this wonderful lady beautiful in and out @toyin_abraham rushed us all to the nearest hospital leaving her tight schedule for the day pending

@toyin_abraham , I am one of the accident victims you rushed down to the hospital on that faithful day and i am very grateful and i hope i meet you again but not in such situation… I have tried to send you direct message but i am using one funny phone that just keep misbehaving..Thank you for allowing God use you to save my life.. You are indeed a good woman.. Much love”

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