Our woman crush this Wednesday is Edirin Edewor. Edirin Edewor is an award-winning entrepreneur, mulitple Amazon bestselling author and a Mindset Coach. She lives in Lagos Nigeria and she helps authors and intending authors self publish their books on Amazon and become bestsellers.

Edirin loves to volunteer for many causes and she loves speaking at several events as a self development speaker where she inspires young entrepreneurs with her compelling life story. She is a foodie, fitness enthusiast and loves to travel the world.

In five years, she started 11 businesses with capital ranging from just 60 naira with which she purchased red and blue pens to tutor Grade II and Grade IV pupils, to almost a million naira in starting up her jewellery business. Her jewellery and Interior Design Business became so successful that she began shipping her jewellery pieces internationally and her Interior Design company won the Global Best Quality Excellence Award in October 2016.

As an author and mindset coach, Edirin helps millennials overcome limiting beliefs while supporting them to fulfil their highest potentials. One of the ways she achieves this is by packaging her knowledge and experience into books and practical guides. In November 2016, her 21-step guide, The Productivity Checklist, became an Amazon bestseller in the home business category. Seven months later she repeated the feat with You and Your Mindset, a book that answers mindset questions for millennials and helps them make sense of the number one factor that determines success in today’s world.

We celebrate a wonderful author and achiever Edirin Edewor as our woman crush Wednesday.

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