Top 5 Voters Card Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Answered


Hey people! So in this week’s video on YouTube, I answer the TOP 5 FAQs ABOUT PERMANENT VOTERS CARD REGISTRATION currently going on by INEC. Now I should probably use this opportunity to let you know over the next year most of the videos I’ll be putting out will be not partisan but political.

VOTER APATHY is a real challenge in Nigeria and many of us don’t see the need to get involved in the process of government and choosing our leaders and sometimes it’s not even our fault. Sometimes it’s just that the information isn’t conveyed in a way that is palatable to our generation or in a way that makes us even want to care. So in 2018, I’ll use my voice and my channel to help keep young Nigerians informed about the elections and the voting process so that we can progressively get involved in putting our country on the right track. There are many who would like us to stay uninterested, jaded and in the dark about our power as citizens but we need to open our minds are realize that this country belongs to all of us and we are ALL responsible for making it better. With each election, our time gets closer & closer so we all need to either get informed or get involved.



So please don’t unsubscribe to my channel because I’m now going to be talking politics and sensitization. I’ll still talk about relationships and other things on my channel, I’m just adding this necessary element in a bid towards doing my part to work towards a more enlightened generation and a better Nigeria for us all. So start by getting your Permanent Voter’s Card if you don’t have one already.




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