This week’s trend on Social Media – Aso Rock, Rats and The Presidential Office

aso rock rats-olorisupergal

It is not strange for rats to be found almost everywhere but it is disgraceful and quite ironic that the
office of the no 1 man in the country is infested by rats. Asides from announcing to the world without
shame that the presidential office is infested by rodents, Garba Shehu goes further to add that it isn’t
uncommon for Nigerian presidents to work from home and that he didn’t know how long the
refurbishment of the office would last. No wonder this has been a sort of comic relief for the BBC and
the general public.
Ordinarily it is expected to believe that the presidential office and villa is kept clean daily and fumigated
whether the president is around or not, billions of naira have been earmarked for fumigation and
cleaning as well as maintenance, how then did the news of rats in the office come to be? Why should it
be another excuse for the president to leave office giving way to more epileptic activities of the
president who for over 100 days has been somewhat dormant and incapable of solving Nigeria’s

Is this another ploy to siphon funds? Or an excuse to buy the president more time to waste time
achieving nothing or is this just a show of sheer carelessness and lackadaisical attitude ? or ironically are
the rats instruments of the “gods” to do what Nigerians really.


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