Badoo Killings: Facebook User shares How he was wrongfully attacked by Residents

Akinrinlade, a facebook user shared how he was wrongfully attacked by residents in the Ikorodu area of Lagos who thought he was a member of the dreaded Badoo cult.

Members of the cult have been attacking residents in their homes and places of worship with pestles, stones and sticks.

As the attacks continued to rise in recent weeks, residents had begun counter-attacks against suspected members of the cult, and have lynched a couple of persons.

National Coordinator of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), Gani Adams had claimed that high placed individuals are involved in the attacks.

Read Akinrinlade’s story below:

The rate at which people are being wrongly accused and molested in this Ikorodu is becoming pathetic, one cant even walk peacefully at anything past 7pm. I got back from work at around 5:21pm, after putting off my wears i decided to take a nap on my bed, suddenly i felt into a deep sleep only to wake up at about 7:39pm, immediately i became conscious to the fact that i don’t have water in my gallon. Then i quickly decided to go get some water at a nearby tank, i was with my hands free on, i was just hearing “hey hey! what are you coming here to do at this time”?, i replied the questionnaire; “sorry sir, i am actually here to fetch some water”, before i could finished explaining myself, i saw a very furious man and decided to just turn back ‘jejely’ to my house, before i could take three steps forward, i just felt a big and several bang on my face through the back. At this point i was lost, wondering if the world is ending today. Immediately i saw people gathered, asking in Yoruba; “ki lo de, ki lo sele (what happened, whats going on)”? To cut the long story short, people attested that they know me, even asking the said BABA, don’t you know him? They all apologized after several slaps and molestation initially, then i just jejely carried my gallon that someone else has helped filled, obviously out of pity then walked towards my house, entered my room, put off my already tattered cloth, sat down and started imagining what just happened, hoping it was just a dream, behold! it wasn’t, it was REAL ‘mehn’!. Some minutes later while i was still busy pondering on what just happened, i heard some elderly voices at my entrance, they knocked and i saw four elderly men (obviously the landlords of the area) alongside the man that ignorantly dealt with me and one of my neighbours (making six men). They all said they were sorry for the ugly incident, with the man that punished me particularly holding me tight just to show his level of SORRY state, i almost shed tears? at that point, but had to be a man. I told them they should just take things easy, that two wrongs can never make a RIGHT. That i am ok now. But trust me the beating was not here ooo. Come and see slaps! Do i blame them? No! But people should apply wisdom. That was how one of our friends too was lynched to death last Sunday at Odongunyan but glory be to God mine was not beyond control.

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