Why You Should Listen To Metal Music

Metal music can be classified as the most misunderstood and laughed at genre in the history of music but this is because people do not understand the great deal behind it. Everyone is entitled to their own taste in music and understandably, metal music is an especially difficult genre to appreciate from the outside.

According to a study done by UQ’s School of Psychology, listening to metal music can actually make its listeners calmer rather than amp them or piss them up. When experiencing anger, the music fans liked to listen to music that could match their anger which instantly calmed them.

Fact is People who genuinely love metal music listen to it because they enjoy the music and it comes with a positive wave, it gives a sense of’ “release” from one’s current state of mind to another. It inspires you and positively keeps you in touch with your feelings.

Metal is more than a style of music, it is a lifestyle/culture.  Metal fans are a rear breed, they use Concerts as a part of their socialization, where they share stories, drink, bleed and release.

Believe it or not, metal bands/musicians are infinitely more talented than the average pop, R&B, hip-hop or country artists. metal bands/musicians have to write their own materials and master their instruments, they do not buy their songs.

Truth is you just cant listen to some metal or death metal music and suddenly feel like its the best thing you have heard. it comes to you eventually, one has to start with rock, slowly go up to heavy metal, then more extreme genres like death metal. If you just start hearing it abruptly, it will sound like endless chhhuuggggaaaahhhhrrrrhggghghh noise.

So go ahead, get right into your metal journey.

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