Nigerian teenager detains Professor in hopes of getting make-up exam

A Nigerian teenager Jude Chiedu Akachukwu has been arrested after holding a Santa Fe College professor against her will in her office.

The 19-year-old Jude was arrested on Tuesday, May 23 after he held his professor against her will until she allowed him to retake an exam.

Police said he entered her office without invitation and blocked the doorway, asking that he be allowed to retake the exam.

When the professor refused, police said Akachukwu grabbed her arm as she tried to walk away. At that point, the professor told the teen she was going to call police. That was when Jude threw himself on the floor and started crying.

When the professor left her office to teach in a nearby classroom, Jude followed her and began to disrupt the class, The Gainesville Sun reports.

The teenager was taken into custody at Alachua County Jail and is facing charges of false imprisonment, battery and disturbing the peace.

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