Jennifer Lopez Grilled About What It’s Like To Date A Rod on ‘The Late Late Show


Jennifer Lopez did her best to avoid the tough questions on The Late Late Show on Thursday night (May 4), but host James Corden dove right in and asked the most burning one: what’s it like to French kiss A-Rod? “You’ve been spending some time in Miami,” Corden said to Lopez, who began giggling and not exactly offering up any information. “There’s some photos of you in Miami,” Corden continued.

“Yeah, yeah, I have been yes,” the Shades of Blue star responded with a smile. That just got Corden even more revved up, as he leaned in and asked if JLo was spending time with, you know, “anyone in particular?” The singer/dancer/actress looked to her couchmates, Justin Theroux and Terry Crews, for help, which they offered none of. “You have been spending time with someone in particular… who? I haven’t got it down here. What’s his name again?” Corden asked feigning ignorance of Lopez’s former Yankees beau of several months.

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